Next-generation translation

Semiox solves complex translation problems with a disruptive workflow based on automated translation and expert revision.


NMT has reached human parity

This makes today’s CAT tools, localization workflows, and business models obsolete.
Our method ensures linguists, subject matter experts, and machines only do what they do best. It’s fast, consistent, and delivers the best value for your budget.


New roles
for linguists

If machine translation becomes as good as human translation, who should revise it? The answer: subject matter experts. Linguists are not ‘doing words’ anymore. Instead they perform valuable tasks: curating linguistic assets, building multilingual knowledge, and engineering workflows.


revision editor

Semiox’s game-changing approach replaces sophisticated yet complex CAT tools. Instead, an online revision editor guides the expert to all passages which need review. There’s no installation or training required and it is foolproof for experts, even if used infrequently.


Disruptive workflow

Machine translation is only productive if the workflow knows which translations require revision and why. A multilingual knowledge system can answer these key questions by managing linguistic assets, human resources, quality rules, and projects in one unified classification system.


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